AAS Chair Welcomes Parents, Elders, Community Members, Friends & Allies to the newly revamped AAS website!
Warm Afrikan greetings – Molo, Sawubona, Mono, Habari, Dumela, Salaam, Bonjour, Mhoroi, Muli shani, Oli Otya…hello!!!
Welcome to our cyber Afrikan village! The Parent Council Executive would like to warmly thanking our web development team, ¬†sis Kathleen George and bro Munya Showa for their enthusiasm and commitment to revising our website and we are very proud of the work they’ve done in such a short space of time! Ashe!
Soooo much is happening at our school and we hope this site can open just a small window into the AAS’s world. We want this site to be a space where we announce and post upcoming events, workshops, activities, gatherings or just share information aimed at boosting greater parent engagement at the AAS. We ask that everyone respectfully engages in using the site and remembers one of our core indigenous cultural principles, which is “I am because We are.”
It has been an incredibly full and busy school year already and we hope everyone who visits will find it informative, educational, unique and inspiring. We invite all AAS parents to participate in the discussions when we post topics. Your comments, thoughts and ideas about current issues impacting us as African people from around the world, continental and Diaspora are important to us as we collectively toward true freedom and liberation through education.
We hope this site will expand our networks, our thinking and knowledge of self, and help us build strategic partnerships  throughout the African world aimed at improving the lives, experiences and achievements of our students, school and both our local and global Afrikan communities.
Yolisa Dalamba
AAS 2014/15 Chair


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